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This section of the Plymouth Colony Archive presents a collection of topical articles about the Colony and related subjects. Please browse the analyses by subject, or run a search on a specific topic or person of interest.

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A Prosperous Wind, by Mike Haywood
"A Prosperous Wind"
© by artist Mike Haywood

Articles on the Colony

diamond  Glossary and Notes on Plymouth Colony
diamond  The True Story of the First Thanksgiving
diamond  Pilgrim Myths and Thanksgiving (an excerpt)
diamond  Population of Plymouth Town, Colony and County, 1620-1690
diamond  A List of Mayflower Passengers, 1620
diamond  Mayflower Passengers: Ages, Occupations, Origins & Connections
diamond  Mayflower Passenger Deaths, 1620-1621
diamond  Plymouth Town, Early Descriptions, 1620-1628
diamond  Descriptions of the Fortified Town of Plymouth, 1620-1628
diamond  Conjectural Plan of the Fortified Town of Plymouth, 1622
diamond Harvest Time at the John Howland Homestead, 1650, by Ruth Major
diamond Words Paint the Picture, by Ruth Major
diamond  Maps of New England and Plymouth
diamond  Research & Seminar Analyses on Plymouth

Articles on Prof. James Deetz

Jim Deetz was born on February 8, 1930, and passed away on November 25, 2000. Tributes to his life and career presented on this site include:
diamond  Tribute by Marley Brown III & the Society for Historical Archaeology
diamond  A Summary of Jim's Work & Publications
diamond  Curriculum Vitae & Personal History
diamond  Tribute by Alison Bell & Coy Barefoot
diamond  Adrian Praetzellis' Tribute
diamond  Mary Beaudry's Antiquity Article
diamond  Tribute by Merrick Posnansky
diamond  Forbes Award Tribute by John Michael Vlach
diamond  Kathryn Crabtree and Eugene Prince's Tribute Article
diamond  "Remembering Jim," an Article by Coy Barefoot
diamond  "James Deetz, Chronicler of America's Colonial Past"
diamond  Excavating at Flowerdew Hundred
diamond  At Work in Paradise Valley

Regional Studies of
Mortuary Customs in New England

diamond  Death's Head, Cherub, Urn and Willow (1967)
diamond  Cultural Dimensions of Ethnicity in the Archaeological Record (1995)
diamond  Parting Ways (1996)

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