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A List of Mayflower Passengers, 1620

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Listed below are passengers of the Mayflower in 1620. This list has been checked against information provided in a passenger list published by the Massachussetts Society of Mayflower Descendants (1992). The spellings of names follow most closely those provided in the more recent volumes of Robert Charles Anderson's The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633 (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995), 3 vols. The names of children are listed beneath those of their parents, and their ages are noted in parentheses. Two ages are provided in the parentheses where differing ages have been listed for those individuals, first from Anderson's text, and second from Caleb Johnson's Mayflower web site.

Alden, John

Allerton, Isaac

Allerton, Mary

Allerton, John

Billington, John

Billington, Elinor

Bradford, William

Bradford, Dorothy

Brewster, William

Brewster, Mary

Britteridge, Richard

Brown, Peter

Butten, William (“youth”)

Carter, Robert

Carver, John

Carver, Katherine

Chilton, James

Chilton, Susanna

Clarke, Richard

Cooke, Francis

Cooper, Humility (1)

Crackstone, John

Doty, Edward

Eaton, Francis

Eaton, Sarah

Ely, _____ (seaman, hired to stay a year)

English, Thomas

Fletcher, Moses

Fuller, Edward

Fuller, _____ (wife of Edward Fuller)

Fuller, Samuel (brother of Edward Fuller)

Gardiner, Richard

Goodman, John

Holbeck, William

Hooke, John (12/14)

Hopkins, Stephen

Hopkins, Elizabeth

Howland, John

Langmore, John

Latham, William (11)

Lester, Edward

Margesson, Edmund

Martin, Christopher

Martin, Marie

Minter, Desire (15)

More, Ellen (7/8)

More, Jasper (7)

More, Mary (4/6)

More, Richard (6)

Mullins, William

Mullins, Alice

Priest, Degory

Prower, Solomon

Rigsdale, John

Rigsdale, Alice

Rogers, Thomas

Sampson, Henry (16)

Soule, George

Standish, Myles

Standish, Rose

Story, Elias

Thompson, Edward

Tilley, Edward

Tilley, Agnes

Tilley, John (brother of Edward Tilley)

Tilley, Joan

Tinker, Thomas

Tinker _____ (wife of Thomas Tinker)

Trevor, William (seaman, hired to stay a year)

Turner, John

Warren, Richard

White, William

White, Susanna

Wilder, Roger

Williams, Thomas

Winslow, Edward

Winslow, Elizabeth

Winslow, Gilbert (brother of Edward Winslow)

_____, Dorothy (a maidservant of John and Katherine Carver)

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