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This section of the Plymouth Colony Archive presents a collection of research and seminar analysis papers about the Colony. The seminars were conducted by James F. Deetz and Patricia Scott Deetz at the University of Virginia, and additional research papers will be added here in the future. Please browse the analyses by topic, or run a search on a specific subject or person of interest.

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The ship was shroudly shaken,
"The ship was shroudly shaken"
© by artist Mike Haywood

diamond Plymouth Colony Legal Structure
diamond Early Settlement of Plymouth Plantation
diamond Native Americans in Criminal Cases of Plymouth Colony, 1630-1675
diamond Servants and Masters and Related Laws and Court Records
diamond Sexual Misconduct and Related Laws and Court Records
diamond Women in the Plymouth Colony, 1633-1668
diamond Domestic Violence in the Plymouth Colony
diamond Coroner's Inquests
diamond Profiles in Tedium: The Constables of Duxbury
diamond Vernacular House Forms in 17th Century Plymouth Colony
diamond Topical Articles on Plymouth

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