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This Plymouth Colony Archive presents a collection of fully searchable texts, including: court records, colony laws, seventeenth century journals and memoirs, probate inventories, wills, town plans, maps, and fort plans; research and seminar analyses of numerous topics; biographical profiles of selected colonists; and architectural, archaeological and material culture studies. Among other works, published here for the first time are a Glossary and Notes on Plymouth Colony, Seventeenth Century Timber Framing, and Vernacular House Forms in Seventeenth Century Plymouth Colony: An Analysis of Evidence from the Plymouth Colony Room-by-Room Probate Inventories 1633-1685, by Patricia Scott Deetz and James Deetz.
We also present studies focusing on broader regional and temporal scales, including Jim Deetz's analysis of changes over time in Anglo-American gravestone styles in New England, and discussion of the Parting Ways site and archaeological evidence found there of architectural forms and mortuary practices consistent with elements of African-American heritage. Excerpts from The Times of Their Lives: Life, Love & Death in Plymouth Colony, by Jim and Trish Deetz, provide analysis of the history and the myths created about the Plymouth colonists. In addition, we present a number of tributes concerning the works of Prof. Deetz (1930-2000) in historical archaeology.
Please browse these studies and texts by topic, or run a search on a specific subject or person of interest, by clicking on the archive entry image above, or by clicking on the images below.

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