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This section of the Plymouth Colony Archive presents studies and images of various items of material culture and the built environment related to the Plymouth Colony. These studies and illustrations are drawn from archaeological excavations, historical "reconstructions," and documentary records. Please select a study below, or click on each "thumbnail" image below to view a full illustration.

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Howland Site Excavations
Parting Ways Site in Plymouth
Cultural Dimensions of Ethnicity in Archaeology
Death's Head, Cherub, Urn & Willow
diamond Architectural Forms in Plymouth Colony
diamond Maps & Landscape of Plymouth
diamond Mythic Images from Addison's Romantic Story of the Mayflower Pilgrims

aerial view
Aerial View of Plimoth
Plantation Reconstruction
Allerton House Site Excavation (1971-72)
First Earth-Fast Building
excavated in New England
house reconstruction
House Reconstruction
at Plimoth Plantation
house contents
Contents of Typical 17th Century House
Based on Plymouth Probate Inventories
Re-enactment of First Thanksgiving
at Plimoth Plantation
period dress
Period Dress
at Plimoth Plantation
Combed Slipware, late 1600's
from Plymouth Excavations
wine bottle
Wine Bottle, circa 1690
from Allerton House Cellar Excavation
Short-Seal Top Spoon, circa 1630
from Allerton House Excavation
King James I Farthing
Redwares, early 1600's
from Plimoth Plantation excavations
town sketch
Reconstruction Sketch
of the "Pilgrim Village"
at Plimoth Plantation

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