An Account of James Monroe's Land Holdings

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By Christopher Fennell

VI. Fredericksburg, Virginia

Monroe opened a law office in Fredericksburg, and he and his wife Elizabeth moved there in November 1786, after his three-year term in the Congress of the Confederation expired. Monroe had met Elizabeth Kortright in New York, where the Congress held session, in 1785, and they were married in February 1786. The Monroes moved to the Charlottesville area from Fredericksburg in August, 1789 (Cunningham 1996: 2-3). The James Monroe Museum stands today at 908 Charles Street, on part of the property Monroe owned in Fredericksburg.

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1. The Ash Lawn-Highland plantation
2. Monroe Hill, site of the University of Virginia
3. Parcels in Downtown Charlottesville
4. The Limestone Farm in Albemarle
5. The Oak Hill plantation in Loudoun County
6. A residence in Fredericksburg
7. A residence and land in Henrico County
8. Other speculative land holdings in Kentucky and elsewhere
9. A List of Sources and References Cited

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