Historical Archaeology
in Loudoun Valley and Harpers Ferry

Christopher C. Fennell

St. Peter's Church
St. Peter's Church
Harpers Ferry

18th Century Log House
Upland House Site
Loudoun Valley
Harpers Ferry Armory
Armory, 1803
Harpers Ferry

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Follow the links below for archaeological and historical research concerning 18th and 19th century sites in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and nearby Loudoun Valley, Virginia, as well as the broader region of the upper Potomac and northern Shenandoah Valleys. The author is an anthropologist and lawyer (MA, U. Penn., 1986; JD, Georgetown, 1989; PhD, U. Va., 2003), with research interests in historical archaeology, American history, and African diaspora studies.


Excavations & Research


diamond Excavations & Research in Loudoun Valley
diamond Log House Architecture in the 18th-Century Piedmont
diamond Architectural Details of a Loudoun Valley House Site
diamond Issues in Ethnicity, Folk Religion & Symbolism
diamond Unearthing Magic (American Archaeology 2015)
diamond Conjuring Boundaries
diamond Consuming Mosaics: A Regional Study
diamond Consuming Mosaics: Appendices of Data
diamond Related Publication Abstracts

diamond St. Peter's Church & School, Harpers Ferry
diamond History of St. Peter's Catholic Church & School
diamond Tour the Excavation Site & Features
diamond Maps and Landscape of the Harpers Ferry Region


Additional Links


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