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Samuel Champlain's Chart of Port Saint Louis (Plymouth)

From Les Voyages (1613)

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Champlain's Key

A. "Anchorage," with his pinnace.

B. "The Channel" (to the inner harbor).

C. "Two Islands" (Clark Island, where members of the third exploration party spent their first night ashore in 1620, and Sasquish Head).

D. "Sand Dunes" (stretching along Duxbury Beach to the Gurnet).

E. "Mud Flats" and a much foreshortened Duxbury Bay.

F. "Cabins where the savages till the soil."

G. "Spot where our pinnace ran aground" (Brown's Bank, adjacent to Long Beach).

H. The Gurnet.

Champlain's Chart of Plymouth

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