The Future of the Project
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The New Philadelphia Archaeological Project is currently in the middle of a second set of field school programs, supported with grant funding by the National Science Foundation's program of Research Experiences for Undergraduates. There are two more seasons of field schools remaining within the current grant program, and they are planned to be held during the summers of 2010 and 2011.

Historical, genealogical, and archaeological research about New Philadelphia is ongoing and will be continued by project archaeologists, historians, and geophysicists as well as students and local and descendant community members. New information obtained about New Philadelphia and its inhabitants by those involved in the archaeological project will be posted to this website as it is discovered. We hope that you will also be willing to post and share any new and exciting information you might discover!

We convened a speaker series in the summer of 2009 entitled Community Engagement with Lincoln's Legacies. Please see the series program for details and a schedule.

In conjunction with the 2010 field school, the Marvin J and Thomas Leo Likes Memorial Lecture Series will be convened with the theme of "Navigating Landscapes of Struggle and Freedom." Speakers in these events include Michael Hargrave, Andrew Agha, Norman Ellerbrock, Paul Shackel, Anna Agbe-Davies, Terry Ransom, Chris Fennell, Rebecca Ginsburg, and John Michael Vlach. View our series program for the schedule, locations, and details.

If you would like to get in touch with the staff of the New Philadelphia Project and provide comments and recommendations where we should focus our future work, please do so!

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