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Census data provides information about the people living in a specific area. The typical information that can be found in an historical census document is the names, genders, ages, "races", occupations, and the location of origin or birth of all the members of a household. A household may consist of a nuclear family, an extended family, a family with workers or tenants, or in some cases people who simply live in the same building, in the case of a boarding house.

This type of information aids in tracking families, groups, or individuals as they travel or relocate in a state or throughout the country; knowing the population of an area; researching changes in family structures, occupations, or other types of demographic information; and in discovering information about people for whom there may be no other records.

Explore the census data files that have been discovered and analyzed for New Philadelphia by clicking on the navigation tabs at left. You may want to read through the overview section before going through each census year individually, and you can also learn more about the enumeration forms that were used in each census by clicking here. Each of the pages listed to the left for 1850-1880 contains census data information for residents of the area around and in the town of New Philadelphia. Our thanks to Charlotte King and her colleagues at the University of Maryland for compiling this data.

NSF-REU students and University of Illinois students collected additional census data under the supervision of historian Claire Martin. For the full census records of Hadley Township (presented in .pdf format), please go to the Hadley Township Census page. The data in these tables come from the U.S. Census schedules. The data from 1850 is for half of Pike County and 1860 through 1880 are for Hadley Township. The mortality schedules included in this data set recorded the people who died in the twelve months before the census was taken.