This page provides an alphabetic list of online resources related to Brooklyn.

African American Churches in St. Clair County (D. Davis)

"African American Independent" Article, 1910 (I. Summers)

African Americans on the Move (R. Lazzerini)

"America's First Black Town" (S. Cha-Jua)

Brooklyn Community and Economic Development Assessment (M. Glynn, U. Illinois)

Brooklyn Finally Gets Some Respect (Riverfront Times, 2006)

Built East St. Louis Photographic Essay

East St. Louis Action Research Project (U. Illinois)

East St. Louis Chronology

Historical Society of Brooklyn

Illinois State Museum and Brooklyn Archaeology and Exhibit

"Painting Near Brooklyn" Video by N.Y. Artist Cindy Tower

Rediscovering Brooklyn (Riverfront Times, 2007)

Religion and Social Networks in New Philadelphia and Brooklyn (A. Morris)

Review of "America's First Black Town" (V. White)

Route 66 and Brooklyn

St. Clair County Geneaology Resources

U. Illinois Archaeology and Brooklyn Built East St. Louis Photographic Essay

Built East St. Louis Photographic Essay