This year's Freedom Walk more than doubled in size from last year which was our first year.  
Participants gathered in Brooklyn's pristine park at 7:00 a.m. to walk in memory of their loved
ones and to honor Mother Priscilla Baltimore and the eleven families who traversed the Mississippi
River in the early 1820's to establish Freedom Village which is now known as Brooklyn, Illinois.
Brooklyn also celebrated Juneteenth for the first time in it's history. Mr. Arlen Paulette and Mr.
Ralph Wellmaker provided free bar b que and ice cold beverages for the crowd.

Mayor O'Bannon commissioned commemorative in honor of
1.  Mother Priscilla Baltimore (founder of Freedom Village)
2.  Manila Dale and Ed Lauderdale ( Brooklyn resident who lived to be 108)
3.  Ed Lauderdale (Brooklyn resident who lived to be 114)
4. William Terry (former mayor of Brooklyn, Illinois)
5.  James Davis ( former mayor of Brooklyn, Illinois)
6.  Ernie Page Jr. ( former teacher and winning basketball coach of Lovejoy High School),
7.  Denver Moore Sr. (historian and senior trustee of Brooklyn, Illinois)
8.  Denver Moore Jr ( only Brooklyn casualty of Vietnam War)
9.  Mrs. Juanita Clemons ( coined the phrase " Founded By Chance Sustained By Courage" and            
      former Superintendent of Stites Township)
10.Mr. Hamiet Bluiett ( world renowned jazz musician)

These events are recognized as our "Public Participation" in our quest for designation on the
National Registry of Historic Places. It is imperative that our numbers grow each year to reflect
our commitment and resilience to this project. We look forward to seeing you next year with your
walking shoes!

We would like to thank our sponsors who always come through for us: Shop & Save, Smitties Sweet
Shop, Capri Sun and Andy's Towing.

A special thanks to the Illinois State Troopers who guarded us the entire trek!
2010 Freedom Walk & Juneteenth Celebration