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Richard Sparrow
of Plymouth (1632-1653) and Eastham (1653-1660)

His appearances in the Plymouth Colony Records

24 Oct 1633 Plymouth Colony Wills & Inventories, Vol. 1: 13 Debt of 1s6d owed Rich Sparrow in Godbert Godbertson's inventory.

28 Oct 1633 Wills & Inventories, Vol. 1:11 Debt of 11s6d owed Rich Sparrow in Rich Lanckford's inventory.

8 Nov 1633 Wills & Inventories, Vol. 1:18 Eaton Carpenter owed a debt of 11s to Rich Sparrow "for worke in the weir & his grane."

7 Nov 1636 Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 1:46 Sparrow was one of the people who "had divers porcons allowed them, 3 acres in breadth & two in length, next to the land of John Dunham the elder..." The others were John Dunham Jr., John Wood, Samuell Eedy, Web Addy, Josiah Cooke, Thomas Atkinson, and Joshua Pratt, "All wch psons haue or are to build in the towne of Plym., and these lands to belong to their dwelling howses there, & not to be sold fro their howses."

5 Mar 1638 PCR Vol. 1:78

"Fourty acres of lands are graunted to Richard Sparrow, lying at the north end of the Fresh Lake, and a pcell of a marsh for meddow lying on the south side of the Fresh Lake, to be viewed and layd forth for him."

24 June 1639 PCR Vol. 1:128-9

Mary Moorecock, with consent of her father-in-law Thomas Whitten, was apprenticed "of her owne voluntary will" to Sparrow and his wife Pandora for a term of nine years.

12 Jan 1640 PCR Vol. 1:138-9

John Barnes sold four steers and one bull to Sparrow for the sum of "fourscore and three pounds," with the provision that Sparrow collect the steers from Yarmouth. Sparrow the same day sold two of these steers and the bull to Josias Winslow for fifty pounds, and Winslow was to keep them all at Greenes Harbour "at his charge, until thend of September following."

PCR Vol. 1:141

3 Mar 1640 Sparrow was sworn constable of Plymouth.

PCR Vol. 7:17

Sparrow was a sworn juryman in the Court.

1 June 1640 PCR Vol. 1:154

Sparrow "granted five acres of meddow, &c, by Edward Dotey, in the west meddow aboue him, at the vpper end of that meddow.

! Sept 1640 PCR Vol. 7:18

Sparrow was a sworn juryman in the Court.

2 Nov 1640 PCR Vol. 1:166

Sparrow granted 5 acres in "the west meddow called Lakenhame by Doteys."

1 Feb 1641 PCR Vol. 2:7

Sparrow was a sworn to the jury to help "llay forth certaine heigh wayes now in difference, and to set forth the bounds and land markes betwixt John Shawe, Kenelme Winslowe, Mr. John Atwood, at Playne Dealeinge, and the heigh wayes from the towne of Plymouth to Wellinglsy, and through Georg Bowers ground, and a heigh way for John Dunhame and William Pontus, from their meddows at the waterside, and a hrighway for Nathaniell Sowther, from his field to the towne."

1 June 1641 PCR Vol. 7:20

Sparrow was a sworn juryman in the Court.

6 July 1641 PCR Vol. 7:22

Sparrow was a sworn juryman in the Court.

6 Sept 1641 PCR Vol. 7:23

Sparrow was a sworn jryman in the Court.

7 Sept 1641 PCR Vol. 2:25

"Richard Sparrow is graunted the meddow ground at the Wood Iland, wch was Mris Fullers, containeing about two acrees."

7 Dec 1641 PCR Vol. 7:25

Sparrow was a sworn juryman in the Court.

PCR Vol. 7:27

"Richard Sparrow complns agst James Luxford, in an action of trespas vpon the case, to the dam of xs debt. Judgmt graunted."

PCR Vol. 2:29

"Richard Sparrow is graunted a pcell of upland."

1 Mar 1641 PCR Vol. 7:28

Sparrow was a sworn juryman in the Court..

27 Mar 1642 PCR Vol. 12: 78

Morris Truant was sold "two acrees of Marsh meddow lying at the Wood Iland betixt the lands of Richard Sparrow and Steephen Tracy..."

17 Oct 1642 PCR Vol. 2:48 "Nathaniel Sowther, Mr William Hanbury, Richard Sparrow, and Samuell Hicks are graunted foure acrees a peece of vpland lying at the head of Mr Hicks field, puided that Mr. Hanbury and Samuell Hicks do keepe their residency in the towne, or els to be voyd."

7 Mar 1643 PCR Vol. 2:53

Sparrow was named to the grand jury of Plymouth.

2 May 1643 PCR Vol. 2:56

Sparrow named to the Grand Inquest.

PCR Vol. 7:36

7 Nov 1643 Sparrow was a juryman in the Court.

1644 Wills & Inventories Vol. 1:52 Debt of 15s owed Richard Sparrow as noted in John Jenney's inventory.

5 June 1644 Wills & Inventories Vol. 1:48

Debt of 3s owed Richard Sparrow as noted in Mr. Atwood's inventory.

25 Aug 1644 Wills & Inventories Vol. 1:66

Sparrow received "the half of a cow" from Myles Standish which belonged to Ruth Hopkins. He was to pay her two year old heiffers or two year old steers within three years.

30 Sept 1644 Wills & Inventories Vol. 1:65-6

As a provision in the settling of Ruth Hopkin's will, Elizabeth Hopkins was to live with Richard Sparrow and his wife Pandora "as his owne child untill the tyme of her marryage or untill shee be nineteene yeares of age." Certain provisions were made "in consideration of the weaknes of the Child and her inabillytie to prforme such service as may acquite their charges in bringing her up." The transfer of Elizabeth was carried out by Captain Myles Standish and Caleb Hopkins.

4 June 1645 PCR Vol. 2:84

Sparrow named Surveyor of Highways for Plymouth, along with Francis Cooke, Mr. Leigh, and Robert Bartlett.

2 Mar 1647 PCR Vol. 2:112

Sparrow was named to the jury for George Wright who was "prsented by ye grand inquest for attempting the chastity of divs women by lacivious words & carriages..." He was found guilty and was bound to good behavior and required to reappear in court the next October.

1 June 1647 Pierce's Colonial Lists: 60

Sparrow named Collector of the Excise for Plymouth.

PCR Vol. 2:116

Sparrow and John Barnes named surveyors of highways for Plymouth.

PCR Vol. 2:117

Sparrow served on petty jury.

7 Jun 1648 PCR Vol. 2:124

Sparrow and John Barnes named surveyors of highways for Plymouth.

PCR Vol. 2:126

Sparrow served on the jury.

Aug 1648 PCR Vol. 2:132

Sparrow served on the grand inquest regarding the brutal murder by Alice Bishop of her own four year-old daughter.

4 Oct 1648 PCR Vol. 2:134

Sparrow served on petty jury.

4 June 1650 PCR Vol. 2:155

Sparrow named receiver of the excise for Plymouth.

2 Oct 1650 PCR Vol. 2:162-3

Thomas Shereve presented for pilfering corn from Richard Sparrow's barn. Sparrow also called upon for concealing Shereve's act.

3 Dec 1650 PCR Vol. 12:199

Steven Wood bought approximately 3 acres of land from Mary Padduk of Plymouth bordering Richard Sparrow's plot on one side and John Thompson's on the other.

6 Apr 1653 PCR Vol. 3:24

Sparrow and John Done named deputies from Eastham.

7 June 1653 PCR Vol. 3:32

Sparrow named to the grand inquest.

7 Mar 1654 PCR Vol. 7:69

"Richard Sparrow complaineth against Nathaniell Mayo, in an action

of defamacon, to the dammag of forty pounds. The jury find for the plaintife, and giue him for dammage ten pounds, and the charge of the Court.

3 June 1656 PCR Vol. 3:99

Sparrow named as one of the committee that "serued att this Court and the Adjournment."

5 Oct 1656 PCR Vol. 7:80 Miles Standish complained against Sparrow for damage of 20 pounds on behalf of Elizabeth Hopkins "for not pforming the tearmes of an agreement" concerning the putting out of Hopkins into Sparrow's home. The parties made an agreement in writing.

6 Oct 1657 PCR Vol. 7:84

Sparrow brought a complaint demanding 40s against Ralph Smith "for taking away a peece of timber from the end of his ground, being forbiden, and refusing to returne the same" to Sparrow. Jury found for Sparrow, required the timber to be returned.

PCR Vol. 3:123

Along with Sparrow, Josias Cooke, John Done and Richard Higgens requested portions of property 13 English miles from Rehoboth. The request was granted, "prouided they do not intrench on any lands alreddy graunted to any others, and that it bee orderly purchased of the right natiue propriators, and likewise that they bee willing that others may bee accomodated by them there, if occation shall require.".

1 June 1658 PCR Vol. 3:136

Sparrow named surveyor of highways for Eastham.

PCR Vol. 3:136

Along with Sparrow, John Done, Josias Cooke and Richard Higgens were given portions of land "lying betwixt Bridgwater and Waymouth." John Smally and others were supplied land out of the remainder.

7 June 1659 PCR Vol. 3:162

Sparrow sworn to the grand inquest.

3 Oct 1659 PCR Vol. 3:170

"Whereas by a former order of Court the seuerall townes in this jurisdiction were required to send in for each towne a man vnto this Court, and to envest them with full power in their behalfe, to treat and conclude about letgin of the trad att Kennebecke,-- accordingly they did send those whose names are underwritten." Richard Sparrow was sent to represent Eastham.

19 Sept 1660 Richard Sparrow's will witnessed by Josias Cooke and Samuell Freeman.

22 Nov 1660 Josias Cooke and Nicholas Snow prepared Sparrow's inventory.

5 Mar 1661 Richard Sparrow's will deposed to the Court by Mr. Thomas Prence.

27 Mar 1661 Pandora Sparrow deposed to the truth of Richard's willl before Thomas Prence.