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William Tubs of Plymouth and Duxburrow

of Plymouth (1635-1636) and Duxburrow (1636-1685(?))
His appearances in the Plymouth Colony Records

29 May 1635 PCR Vol. 1:34

"John Barnes was sommoned to appeare before ye Gouer & Assistants, at ye suit of William Tubbs as plaintiue, who had sould vnto ye said John Barnes 12 bushells of corne at 5s p bushell, & giuen hum 1/2 bushell ouer & aboue to make it so..." It seems that Baanes refused to pay Tubbs for the corn until he had the whole 12 bushels, even after Tubbs delivered 10 1/2 bushels. Tubbs needed the money to settle debts with others, and the Court ordered Barnes to pay him.

6 Jan 1636 PCR Vol 1: 47

"A pcell of land is graunted vnto William Tubbs, lyinge in the poynt or nooke beyond Experience Michells land."

7 July 1637 PCR Vol 1:60

Tubbs volunteered himself as one of the "Souldiers that willingly offer themslues to goe vpon the sd Service, with Mr Prince & the Lieftent" to assist Massachusetts Bay Colony and Connecticut in their wars with the Indians.

9 Nov 1637 PCR Vol 1:68

"William Tubbs and Marcy Sprague married."

1 Jan 1638 PCR Vol 1:72

"Tenn acrees of land are grunted to John Paybody, on Duxburrow side, lying betwixt the land of William Tubs on the north side, and the lands of Experience Michell on the south side, and from the sea in the west, and from Blew Fish Riuer in the easte."

2 Jan 1638 PCR Vol 1:74

"Mr Edmond Freeman, Mr Willm Leuerich, Mr Thomas Besbidge, Mr Thomas Burne, Constance Southerne, Samuell Hinckley, John Lewes, Thomas Armitage, John Paybody, William Tubbs, & Henry Bourne were sworne and admitted freemen this Court."

27 July 1640 PCR 12:60

William Reynolds sold his five acres of upland in Duxburrow to Henry Howland. This land lay between the land of John Paybody and William Tubbs.

2 Nov 1640 PCR 1:105

Several men, including Tubbs who was given forty acres, were granted land with meadow at the North River: John Winslow, Stephen Tracy, George Partrich, Henry Sampson, Experience Michell, John Paybody, Abraham Peirce, Joseph Biddle, Edmond Chaundler, John Foard, Arthur Howland.

1 Mar 1659 PCR 3:158

"Vpon complaint of William Tubbs, that Goodwife Thomas, a Welch woman, that shee dwelleth on his land without leaue, the Court haue appointed Mr Collyare and Mr Alden to take some speedy course to remoue her vnto her owne


7 June 1659 PCR 3:168

"Graunted by the Court, that William Tubbs of Duxburrow, shall haue a certtaine pcell of land at Namassackeesett, lying betweixt that lands of Gorg Russell, deceased and the brooke, containing about twenty acres or thereabouts, being aboue the path to Massachusetts."

3 June 1662 PCR 4:18

Tubbs was named with several other man to look for land elsewhere "incase they can not procure Saconett Necke according to the x grant." The men were: James Cole, Sr, John Hanmore, Nicholas Wade, Thomas Williams, Richard Bishop, George Viceroy, Samuell Chandeler, Roger Annadowne, William Sherman, Walter Woodworth, John Smaley, William Merricke, George Partrich, Josepth Beedle, John Rouse, Abraham Sampson, John Vobes, John Irish, Peter Collymore, John Hayward, Thomas Pope, Richard Beare, William Shirtliffe.

3 Mar 1663 PCR 4:107

"Josepth Rogers complained against Rebekah and Allice Pierce, in an action of the case, to the damage of twenty pounds, for sundry defamation, and pticularly for reporting that they saw the said Josepth, and Mercye, the wife of William Tubbs, lying vnder a blankett. That Plaintife withdrew him selfe after hee had appeared in Court, and being called, not answaring, was non suited."

1 June 1663 PCR 4:42

"The Court being enformed that Josepth Rogers, of Namassakeesett, hath frequently and from time to time kept companie with Mercye, the wife of William Tubbs, in a way and after such manor as hath giuen cause att least to suspect that there hath been laciuiouse actes committed by the, the Court sees cause and haue required the said Josepth Rogers to remove his dwelling from Namassakeesett aforsaid by the twentieth day of this instant June, and haue alsoe declared vnto him that if att any time hee shall bee taken att the house of the said Tubbs, or in the companie of the said Marcye Tubbs alone in any place, that the hee shall forth with bee taken and seuerely whipt; and the said William Tubbs was by the Court strictly charged not to tollerate him to come to his house or where hee hath to doe att any time, as hee will answare the same att his p(er)ill."

5 Oct 1663 PCR 4:46-7

In conjunction with the case regarding the lacivious behavior of Marcye Tubbes and Joseph Rogers, Marcye Tubbs, William's wife, was fined 20 pounds, William was fined 10 pounds, Joseph Rogers was fined 20 pounds, and William Randall was fined 10 pounds. "The abouesaid Marcye Tubbs and Josepth Rogers, for theire absean and laciuous bahauior each with other, cleared against them by the trauers of a psentment against them, were centanced by the Court to find sureties for theire good behauior as abouesaid, and fined each fifty shillings for the use of the collonie."

8 June 1664 PCR 4:66

"Willam Paybody, for makeing a writing for the seperating of Willam Tubbs from Marcye, his wife, in reference vnto theire marriage bond, is fines by the Court the sume of fiue pounds; and Lieftanant Nash and John Sprague, for subscribing as witnesses to the said writing, are fined each three pounds."

"Att this Court, as protest was openly published, att the request of Willam Tubbs, against Mercye, his wife, as disowneing all debts that shee shall make vnto any from this time forward, as not intended to pay any of them to any pson whatsoeuer."

1 Aug 1665 PCR 4:104

"Att this Court, John Arthur appeered, according to summons, to answare for abusiue speeches and for entertaining the wife of one Talmon and the wife of William Tubbs; but the said Arther pretending hee could procure euidence to cleare him in some of the pticulares charged, hee, engageing to appeer att October Court, is for the psent released."

5 March 1668 PCR 5:174

Regarding a controversy about a parcel of land in Duxburrow att Robinsons Creeke, the Court gave the land to Robert Barker. The parcel was bounded on the north by the "meddow of Robert Sprout, and with the meddow of Gorge Russell on the southerly syde, and with the meddow of William Tubbs on the westerly syde."

3 June 1668 PCR 4:187

"Att this Court, vpon the oftens and earnest suite of William Tubbs to be diuorsed from his wife, shee haueing for a longe time sequestered herselfe from him, and will not be pswaded to returne to him, the Court haue directed letters to Road Iland to the goument there, in whose jurisdiction shee now is, to request them to take course that shee may be informed of the Courts pleasure and determination, that incase shee, the said Marcye Tubbs, the wife of William Tubbs, doe not returne vnto her said husband between this date and the Court of his matie to be holden att Plymouth the first Tuesday in July next, that then hee, the said William Tubbs shalbe diuorced from her."

7 July 1668 PCR 4:192

William Tubbs granted a divorce from his wife: "Whereas Marcye, the wife of William Tubbs, being a woman of ill fame and light bahauior apparently manifest, ath for the space of four yeares and vpwards absented and withdrawne herselfe rom her husband into another collonie, pretending that shee is att libertie, and that, otwithstanding all the meanes and waies her husband can vse with safety, shee ill not be reclaimed nor pswaded to returne and abide with him as shee ought to doe: and that, alsoe, by letters to the goument of Road Iland from this goument, due course hath bin taken to giue her certaine intelligencem that incase shee would not returne vnto and apply herselfe to her husband to liue with him as shee ought to doe betwixt the date of the said letters and this psent Courtm that then hee should bee diuorced from her; and that shee will neuer returne againe vnto him while her eyes are open; hee, the said Tubbs, appeering att this Court, and earnestly againe sollissiteing the Court for a diuorce from her,-- This Court, therefore, sees cause and doe heerby declare, that the said William Tubbs is legally cleare from his couenant of marriage formerly made with Marcye, his late wife, and free him from those dutyes relateing therto; and that the said Marcye hath cutt herselfe from any right henceforth to the pson or estate of the said William Tubbs, her late husband, and heerby alowing him libertie furhter to dispose of himselfe in marriage, if hee see fitt soe to doe."

4 March 1674 PCR 5:188-9

"Isacke Barker complaines against William Tubbs, Senir, and Dorothy, his wife, in an action of defamation and slaunder, to the damage of fifteen pound, for that the said William and Dorothy hath sometime since Nouember last said and reportes that the said Barker hath said and threatened that hee would ruinate them, viz, the said Willam and Dorothy, root and branch, wherby the said Barker is greatly reproached and damnifyed. This was withdrawne."

"John Perry of Scituate, complaineth against Willam Tubbs, Senir, of Duxburrow, in a action of the case, to the damage of one hundred pounds, for that the said William Tubbs, since the first day of this instant January, hath published and reported that the said John Perry hath said that hee cared not a surreuerence for the Gou, nor neuer a magistrate in the collonie, wherby the said John Perry is damnifyed, and thervpon bringeth this action. The jury find for the defendant."

5 June 1678 PCR 5:258

William Tubbs listed as Surveyor of Highways for Duxburrow, along with John Rogers and Abraham Sampson.

1 June 1680 PCR 6:40

"In answare vnto the petition of William Tubbs for a peece of land lyeing on the backsyde of Indian Head Riuer Pond, the Court haue graunted vnto him and Abraham Pierse, to each of them, an hundred acrees therof, if theire be soe much good land there; if not, that then which is good be equally deuided betwixt them, the said William Tubbs and Abraham Peirse, in equall and alike proportions both for quantyty and quallitie."

28 Feb 1683 PCR 6:123

"Capt Nathaniel Thomas is appointed by the Court to lay out seuerall psells of land graunted to William Tubbs & Abraham Pierse, lying att or neare Indian Head Pond."

2 June 1685 PCR 6:166

Tubbs named Surveyor of Highways for Duxburrow along with John Simons and Joseph Howland.