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EPHRAIM TINKHAM of Plymouth (and Dartmouth?)

His Appearances in the Plymouth Colony Records

23 July 1634 PCR Vol 1:31

"Mr Timothy Hatherley hath turned over his seruant, Ephraim Tinckum, to dwell with John Winsloe, of New Plimouth, for the whole terme of yeares expressed in a certayne pare of indentures, and yt the says John Winsloe is to performe the conditions expressed in the sayd indenture."

2 Aug 1642 PCR 2:43

"Ephraim Tinckhame is to have xxv acrees of land, due for his service by indenture. Affirmed by Mr Hatherly & John Winslowe, the indenture being lost."

27 Sept 1642 PCR 2:48

"Ephraim Tinckhame is graunted tenn acrees of vpland by Thurston Clark, and to be layd forth by those aboue named, and the rest of his land to be layd forth in some other place."

27 Oct 1647 PCR 12:146

Ephraim Tinkham and his wife, Mary, sold to Henry Sampson of Duxburrow, "all that Third pte of that Lott wch was formly the land of Peter Browne, deceased" for seven pounds. Tinkam reserved the right to use the fruit trees and the freedom to remove them from the land in due time.

5 Aug 1649 PCR 8 (Births):7

Ephraim Tinkham, the son of Ephraim Tinkham, was born.

30 Sept 1651 PCR 8 (Births):12

Ebenezer Tinkham, Ephraim and Mary's son, was born.

25 Dec 1653 PCR 8 (Births):15

Peter Tinkham, Ephraim and Mary's son, was born.

8 Feb 1655 PCR 8 (Births):16

Hezkiah, the son of Ephraim and Mary, was born.

1 May 1655 PCR 3:76-7

"Att this Court, Ephriam Tinkham and Arthur Hathawey desired liberty of the Court to goe vp with theire familes to liue on the lands of John Barnes, att Lakenham; to which the Court answered that they would not hinder them, but incase any just complaint should come of any inconveniency either respecting themselves or others that may arise, it was put to them, consider how difficult it would bee for them to pluck up and move remoue again, if they should therevnto bee nessesaryly required."

21 Nov 1655 Wills & Inventories 2:289

Ephraim Tinkham made his mark, along with William Hoskins, as having taken Edward Dotten's inventory.

3 June 1656 PCR 3:100

Ephraim Tinkham, William Harlow, William Shirtley, and James Cole, Jr. were named Surveyors of Highways for Plymouth.

7 June 1658 PCR 8 (Births):17

John, the son of Ephraim and Mary, was born.

3 Mar 1663 PCR 4:35

"In answare vnto the desire of Stephen Bryant and Epharim Tinkham that some course might bee taken about some differences amongst theire naighborhood about the bounds of theire lands, the Court hauve ordered, that William Crow bee" sent to "measure and settle the bounds of the lands..."

1 May 1663 Wills & Inventories 2:374

Ephriam Tinkham and William Crow appraised the inventory of Francis Cooke, deceased.

15 Nov 1663 PCR 8 (Births):26

John, the son of Ephraim Tinkham, was born.

9 June 1665 PCR 4:103

'In reference vnto a horse in controuersy between Major Winslow and Ephraim Tinkham, the Court haue ordered, that the said horse bee forthwith deliuered vnto the said major, and to run vpon his ground untill the next October Court to bee holden att Plymouth aforsaid, causualties excepted, and then to cause him to bee brought to the Court, and that then all such euidences as can bee procured bee produced for the clearing vp of the right owner."

11 Apr 1666 PCR 8 (Births):31

Isacke, the son of Ephraim Tinkham (Jr. of Sr.?), was born.

5 June 1666 PCR 4:129

Tinkham and Henery Wood were told to lay out the land of of Zachary Eedey. They did so, and Ephraim made his mark on the document.

PCR 4:130

"The Court haue graunted vnto Sarjeant Ephraim Tinkham twelue acrees of vpland on the east side of Whetstones Vinyard Brooke, and on the south east of the old Indian path, bounded att the westward end with a rid oake tree next the path and brooke, and a rid oake standing on a hill neare the Stony Brooke; and att the east end its bounded with a rid oake next the path and a white oake tree on the southward side thereof; on the north side the land butts home to the path."

17 Jan 1672 PCR 5:83

Tinkham was called to the Court to testify in the case of Mary Churchill's pregnancy by Thomas Dotey: "In reference to the second time the facte abouenamed was committed, Sarjeant Ephraim Tinkham, haueing occation to speak with the said Thomas Dotey, went to the house of Joseph Churchill, expecting to meet with him there, and coming to the house, knocked att the dore; but noe body answared, and soe hee went in and stayed a while in the outward roome; and by some noise that hee heard in the house, conceued there was somebody within, although they answared not; but att length Mary Churchill came forth, and hee asked her if Thomas Dotey was in the house or noe; but shee did not reddily answare him, but after some pause shee answared that hee was in the house; soe hee desired to speak with him; and soon after, Thomas Dotey came forth, and soe the said Sarjeant Tinkham and hee went away together, and hee admonished the said Dotey to take heed least euill might come of such carriages, or to that purpose; and the said Mary Churchill, being examined, affeirmed that the same time the said Sarjeant Tinkham tooke them soe together as aforsaid, was one of the three times hee had carnall coppulation with her as abouesaid; and shee, being further examined, deneyed that shee euer had to doe with any other man."

27 Oct 1674 PCR 5:156

Tinkham served on the jury for the case of an Indian named Matthias, who was indicted for killing another Indian named Chachapanucke. He was found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter and released.

1 June 1675 PCR 5:164

Tinkham, Lieutenant Morton, William Crow, Seargeant William Harlow, and Mr William Clarke were named the Select Men of Plymouth.

1 June 1675 PCR 5:173

"Serje: Ephraim Tinkham, for coming into the Court drunke, fined forty shillings."

5 June 1678 PCR 5:260

"Thirty shillings is abated and remitted of the fine of Serjeant Tinkham, soe that there remaines but ten shillings payable."

9 June 1683 PCR 6:110

Tinkham (Jr. or Sr?), Thomas Faunce, Jonathan Pratt, and Elkanan Watson were named Surveyors of Highways for Plymouth.

2 March 1686 PCR 7:295

William Wood, George Soule, Nathaniel Soule, Jospeh Allen, Ebenezer Allen, and Sachariah Allen of Dartmouth sued what appears to be all of the other men of Dartmouth (including Tinkham (Jr. or Sr.?)) for 800 pounds for refusing to divide up the common land of Dartmouth. The action was nonsuited.