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Joan Tilson of Plymouth (Wellingsly)

Her appearances in the Plymouth Colony Records

21 Mar 1642 PCR 12:108

Edmond Tilson, Joan's husband, bought from John Smalley "his house and houseing garden place at Wellingsly wth the upland therevnto belonging at Wooeberry wth all his meddow lying at Warrens Wells and at Colebrook meddows in the woods" in exchange for nine pounds and 10s, four pounds payed in hand and the remainder to be apdi as twenty bushels of wheat and eleven bushels of rye.

7 Oct 1651 PCR 12: 213

Gyles Rickard bought the land of George Russell, which lay between Edmond Tilson and Henry Wood's lands at Woebery plane.

5 Mar 1660 Wills & Inventories 2:502-3

Edmond Tilson's post-inventory was taken by Thomas Bird and Walter Hatch. Joan swore to the truth of the inventory.

5 Mar 1661 PCR 3: 207

"Lres of administration was graunted vnto Joane, the wife of Edward Tilson, late deceased, to administer vpon his estate, and to pay all such debts as are owing to any."

4 Mar 1662 PCR 4: 9

"Conserning a controversy betwixt Jone Tilson, widdow, and John Barnes, about the price of a cow by him receiued in pte of the pay due for the land att Lakenham, the Court haue ordered, that John Barnes shall repay or discount the sume of twelue shillings vnto the said widdow Tilson; and soe the matter is ended."

20 May 1662 PCR 8: 23

Joan married Giles Rickard.