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Joan Tilson of Plymouth (Wellingsly)

Her Network of Relations 1644-1660


Tilson, Edward (Edmond)

Joan's husband, deceased on or around this date. 5 Mar 1660.

Giles Rickard

Married Joan Tilson. 20 May 1662.



Rickard, Giles

Bought George Russel's house and land at Wellingsly, bounded on one side by Tilson's land and on the other by the land of Henry Wood. 7 Oct 1651.

Russell, George

Had land and house next to the Tilson's at Wellingsly until he sold it to Giles Rickard on this date. 7 Oct 1651.

Wood, Henry

Owned land on the other side of Giles Rickard's property from Tilson's. 7 Oct 1651.


Land Transactions

Barnes, John

Controversy between Barnes and Joan concerning the price of a cow as partial payment for land at Lakenham. 4 Mar 1662.

Smaley, John (Plymouth, Eastham)

Joan's husband Edmond bought Smaley's "house and garden place at Wellingsly wth the vpland therevnto belonging at Wooeberry wth all his meddow lying at Warrens Wells and at Colebrook meddows in the woods..." 21 Mar 1644.

Legal Relationships -- Other

Dunham, Samuell

Along with Nathaniel Morton performed inventory of Edmond Tilson's estate. 5 Mar 1660.

Morton, Nathaniel

Along with Samuell Dunham performed inventory of Edmond Tilson's estate. 5 Mar 1660.