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JOAN SWIFT of Sandwich

d. circa 25 October 1663
Her Appearances in the Plymouth Colony Records

29 Jan 1642 Wills & Inventories 1:44

In the inventory of Joan's husband, William Swift Sr., Joan was granted administration of his estate.

7 Mar 1643 PCR 2:53

"Lres of administracon are graunted to Joane Swyft, of Sandwich, to administer vpon her husbands estate, and to pay the debts as farr as the estate will amount vnto, by equall pporcons, and is bound to the Gou. & Assistant to do it, & Daniel Wing with her."

20 Aug 1644 PCR 2:75

"A warrant be sent forth to bring in the bodies of Jonathan Fish and Mary, his wyfe, Nathaniell Fish, Jane, the wyfe of Mr Willm Wood, Rose, the wyfe of Joseph Holly, . . . the wyfe of Richard Kerby, . . . the wyfe of Michaell Turner, & Joane Swyft, widdow, to give euidence in John Ellis & his wifes case."

6 Mar 1649 PCR 7:44

"Mr Thomas Dexter, Seni, complaineth against Mis Joane Swifte, in an action vpon the case, to the damage of fourty shilli. The jury find for the plaintife thrity shilli damag, and the cost of sute. Judgement graunted."

20 Aug 1651 PCR 12:212

"And Wheras the Towne of Sandwidge were engaged to pay vnto the said Mr Edmond ffreeman senior the sum of seauenteen pounds in the Consideracon of the purchase of the lands from the Indians... doe despose vnto the said Mr Edmond ffreeman (in lue of 9 pound of the said seauenteen pounds) a Certaine pcell of Meddow ground ... and 4 more of the said seauenteen pounds was [ayed by Mr Edmond ffreeman Junier for land sould to him; And the Remayning 4 pounds of the said seauenteene pound was payed by Mis Joane Swift."

Oct 1660 PCR 8:103

The following were fined 4 pounds each "for being att Quakers meetings:" Robert Harper and his wife, Joseph Allin, Benjamine Allin, John Newland and his wife, William Allin, William Gifford, Mathew Allin, the wife of Henry Dillingham, William Newland and his wife, John Soule, Rodulphus Elmes, Henery Howland, Peter Gaunt, Dorithy Butler, Obadiah Butler, John Jenkein, Rich Kerbey Sr., Rich Kerbey Jr., Jone Swift, John Smith, of Plymouth, Deborah, his wife, and Lydia Hickes, of Plymouth.

12 Aug 1662 Wills & Inventories 2:16

Joan, "being sicke of body but of pfect memory" made her will on this day. It was not, however, recorded until 30 May 1665 because Mr John Vincent, one of the witnesses, was absent from Plymouth until that time.

25 Oct 1663 Wills & Inventories 2:16

Joan's inventory was taken this day by Richard Bourne and James Skiffe. Her son William Swift Jr. appeared in Court on 3 March 1663 to swear to the truth of the inventory.

1 Mar 1664 PCR 4:55

"And likewise Mr Hinckley is authorised by the Court to adminnester an oath to the witness of the last will and testament of Mistris Jone Swift, deceased."