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James Redway (Reddawey) Jr. of Rehoboth

A Short Biographical Profile

by Melissa Hogg

University of Virginia, Anth 401B, Fall 1999


No information was found on where or when James Redway was born or any information on his parents' origins.


James Redway was one of five children. A James Redway Sr. is mentioned in a court record of 6 March 1676/7 in regards to the estate of James Redway, deceased, over who would administer the estate. The inventory of February 1, 1676/1677 lists John Redway as the administrator of the estate and allowed to have a double portion of the estate and the remainder was to be divided equally among his three sisters.


The inventory of James Redway lists fifteen items totaling sixty-seven pounds with his house worth forty-five. From the very limited inventory available and the information from records, the only occupation of Redway known was his stint as a Highway Surveyor and attendance on a few juries.

There are few records of the life of Redway. He appeared to have led a good and upstanding life.

Primary & Secondary Source References

1653. 7 June 1653. Plymouth Colony Records (PCR) 3: 33. James Redway and Nicolas Snow were appointed Surveyors of the Highways for Rehoboth.

1658. 1 March 1658/1659. PCR 3: 158. Served on jury that declared Nathaniel West of Rhode Island being ill fell through the ice going to Providence by accident, not violent or willful. Joseph Peck, Stephen Paine, and Thomas Cooper verified the death.

1664. 7 March 1664/1665. PCR 4: 83. Date is when exhibited at the General Court. In Rehoboth on 14 July 1664, Redway swore with others that Rebecca Sale, wife of Edward Sale, hung herself in her own house.

1671. 5 June 1671. PCR 5: 58. John Perram and James Redway were appointed Surveyors of the Highways.

1673. 17 July 1673. PCR 8: 52. Lydia Redway, his sister, married John Titus of Rehoboth.

1676. 28 October 1676. PCR 8: 63. James Redway was buried in Rehoboth.

1 February 1676/1677. Plymouth Colony Wills 3(2): 77. Inventory of his estate appraised by Steven Paine Jr. and John Peck.

6 March 1676/1677. PCR 5: 221. In reference to the inventory of the estate of James Reddaway Jr., if James Reddawey Sr. had no objection between this date and the Court held in Plymouth next June; John Reddawey would have the letters of administration granted to him.

James Redway Jr.: His Network of Relationships

Cooper, Thomas: Verified Nathaniel West's death.

Paine, Stephen: Verified Nathaniel West's death.

Paine, Steven Jr.: Inventoried Redway's estate.

Peck, John: Appraised Redway's estate.

Peck, Joseph: Verified Nathaniel West's death.

Perram, John: Served with Redway as a Surveyor, 5 June 1671.

Redway, James Redway Sr.: His Father.

Redway, John: His brother who administered his estate.

Redway, Lydia: His sister who married John Titus in July 1673.

Sale, Rebecca: Served on jury that declared Sale's death a suicide, 14 July 1664.

Snow, Nicholas: Served with Redway as a Surveyor, 7 June 1653.

West, Nathaniel: Served on jury that declared West's death accidental. Others were Joseph Peck, Stephen Paine, and Thomas Cooper.

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