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Henry Samson

24 February 1684/1685

Plymouth Colony Wills 4(2):94-95

Mayflower Descendant 2(1900):142-144


The Will and Inventory of Henry Samson.

[Note: Henry Samson died at Duxbury, 3 January, 1685, new style, or 24 December, 1684, old style, according to the Duxbury town records. His will and inventory were recorded in the Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories, Volume IV, Part II, pages 94 and 95.]

[p. 94]

Duxburrow this 24th of the : 10th 1684

The Last Will and Testament of henery Sampson of Dux-burrow;

In the Name of God Amen

Know all prsons whom it may Concerne that I henery Samp-son being in my right understanding Doe thuse will and bequeth my estate to be Disposed of, after my Death

1 I Doe Comitt and Comend my soule to God that gave it mee whom I trust hath redemed it; and my body to the earth for a season; Desiering that I may be Decently buried;

2 It is my will that all prsonall Debts by payed out of my prsonall estate; and that my funerall Charges before any leg-acyes

3 I Doe Give and bequeath unto my son Stephen one third prte of my whole puchase of Land lying and being in the Township of Dartmouth;

4 I Doe Give unto my son John one thirds of my whole pur-chase of Lands lying and being within the Township of Dart-mouth;

5 I Give and bequeath unto my son James the remaining prte of the other third of my Land lying within the Towneship of Dartmouth; That is thuse Joseph Russell is to have the Land which was my son Jameses sold to him the said Russell; and I signed it taken out of the Last third; and the remainder is that which I Doe bequeath to my son James for hee had the Mony for the Land that was sold to the abovsaid Russell;

6 I Doe further give and bequeath unto my son James one shilling;

7 I Doe give and bequeath unto my son Caleb one shilling;

8 I Doe Give unto my Daughter Elizabeth now the wife of Roberd Sprout one shilling;

9 I Doe Give and bequeath unto my Daughter hannah now the wife of Josias holmes one shilling;

10 It: I Doe give and bequeath unto my Daughter Now the wife of John hanmore ten shillings;

11 I Doe Give and bequeath unto Mary my Daughter Now the wife of John Summers; one shillinge

12 I Doe give unto my Daughter Dorcas now the wife of Thomas Bony one shillinge

13 I Doe Constitute ordaine and appoint; my son Stephen to be executor of this my Last Will and Testament to pay all my Debts and Legacyes and to receive all Dues;

14 It is my Desire that my trusty and honored frind mr Wis-wall would be the overseer of this my last will and Testament;

Thus Desireing to waite untill my Change shalbe; and that those that come after may be att Peace; I shall subscribe with my hand and seale the Day & yeer above expressed; signed and sealed in the prsence of the witnesses:

Thomas Delano his H

Henery Sampson }seale

Joseph Channdeler marke }

Thomas Delano & Joseph Chandeler made oath in Court the 5th of March 1684/85 that they see henery Sampson signe seale and Declare this to be his Last will and Testament; and that to the best of theire Judgment hee was of a Disposeing mind when hee soe Did;


Duxburrow this 24 of the 12 1684

An Inventory taken of the estate of the Late Deceased henery Sampson of Duxberrow by us whose Names are under-written;

Item To Land in Dartmouth 70 00 00

Item To one Cow 02 05 00

Item Armes wearing Clothes and Lyberary 04 10 00

Item To bedes and beding 12 00 00

Item To pewter brasse & Iron 10 00 00

Item a Table and benches 01 10 00

Item to one and harnise 00 10 00

Item to Chaines and plow Irons and Glasse bottells 01 15 00

Item To one Chest Three wheeles and some other Lumber 01 04 00

Item To Corne 08 00 00

____ ____ ______

The totall sume is 106 14 00

The Debts that are Due out of the estate is first To Elizabeth Sproute 01 05 00

To Mr Winge of Boston 03 10 00

To Mr Thomas three Gallons of Rum And other funerall charges 00 18 04

To Mr Wiswall 00 08 00

To the Country 00 04 00

Thomas Delano

Joseph Chandeler

Stephen Sampson made oath in Court the 5th of March 1684/1685 that this a true Inventory of the estate of henery Sampson Deceased; and that when hee knowes more hee will cause it to be added to this Inventory as Attests

Nathaniel Morton Secretary