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John Jenkins

28 October 1684

Plymouth Colony Wills 4(2):81


Inventory of John Jenkins


This following is an Inventory or an accountt of the estate of Iohn Ienkins deceased

L s d

Item his upland and Meddow Land vallued att 38 00 00

Item his Clothes with some mony alsoe beds and beding 14 00 00

Item the house and housing att 20 00 00

Item the Neat Cattle and swine and horse kind 42 04 00

Item a Cart and wheels & plow and other things belonging [crossed out: their] therunto att 01 11 00

Item a Loome and the things belonging therunto att 04 00 00

Item the Iron potts Kettles pans and that which appertaines to its use 03 00 00

Item the pewter woole 16s fflax 16 linnine & woolen Cloth att 3s-6d 04 10 00

Item butter & Cheese att 1li skales & waights att 9s 01 09 00

Item the bedsteads sheets table barrells & seuerall other things of smale moment; 01 05 00

Item the English Corn or Graine att 02 00 00

Item his bibles & other bookes appeers 07 10 00

The abouemensioned prticulars with the aboue mensioned sumes were prised and soe vallued by us Whose Names are William Newland

Peter Gaunt;

The abouewritten Inventory is exhibited to the Court held att New Plymouth the 28th of October 1684 and ordered heer to be Recorded as approved by the said Court;

Zacheriah Ienkins testifyed as in the prsence of God before the Court that to the best of his understanding this aboue written is a true Inuentory of the estate of Iohn Ienkins his father deceased, and if any [illegible] Comes into his hand of the said estate of doth appeer hee doth heerby engage to bring it to this Inventory;

Plymouth Colony Wills, Vol. IV, Part II, folio 81.