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John Tisdall
June 5, 1677

Plymouth Colony Wills 3(2):92

Agreement between John Smith and James Dean and the Administrators of the Estate of John Tisdall

Wheras there hath bin a Controversye betwixt Iohn Smith and Iames deane both of Taunton and the adminnestrators of the estate of Iohn Tisdall late deceased and after seuerall assayes to Compose the differences; This fourteenth of Aprill in the yeer 1677; the aforsaid Iohn Smith and Iames dean haue Come to a full and finall determination, with Ioshua Tisdall and Ioseph Tisdall vpon the receipt of the Cattle and Goods heerin specifyed; for all the Remainder of the Right and Interest that the aforsaid Iohn Smith or Iames dean hath or might haue to the aforsaid estate, The Cattle and Goods which the said Iohn Smith hath Now Received att the signeing of these presents, with what hee hath formerly Receiued of the aforsaid estate is and shalbe his full portion of the aforsaid estate;

L s d

Impr: 1 third part of a Cart and wheels 01 06 08

Item a parsell of woolen yerne & a paire of stilliyards 02 01 00

Item 1 yoake of oxen and a Cow 11 10 00

Item a bed 00 12 00

Item a Gun and half our fathers wearing apparrell 02 08 00

Item a share and Coulter 00 06 00

Item 3 spining wheeles 00 10 00

Item a warming pan 00 06 04

Item a Chainge 00 06 00

Item a Coate 00 12 00


some totall 19 18 00

The Cattle and Goods that Iames dean hath Receiued att the signing of these presents with what hee hath formerly Receiued of the aforsaid estate is and shalbe his full portion of the aforsaid estate;

L s d

The Cattle 2 Cowes and two 2 yeer old steers; 07 10 00

Item a teikeing for a bed and a bolster and a Coate 02 12 00

Item due to Ioshue Tidall 00 09 00

and an hundred of Ceader bolts 01 10 00

Item 1 Gun and a square and a syth and a Chamberpott 01 00 00

Item 1 Copper 01 14 00

Item & in Currant pay more 03 15 00


some totall 18 10 00

the fift of Iune 1677

The aforsaid Iohn Smith and Iames dean doth for themselues and for theire wiues exownarate acquitt and discharge all and euery of the adminnestrators to the aforsaid estate, from all dues debts or demands due and Growing, due to them or either of them from the aforsaid estate; or any parte therof

In Testimony that this is the aforsaid Iohn Smithes and Iames deans free acte and deed they haue heervnto sett theire hands this 14th of aprill Anno: domine 1677

Iohn Smith

Iames deane

Signed and deliuered in the presence of vs

Iohn Richmond

Abigaill Richmond

her marke

Plymouth Colony Wills, Vol. III, part 2, f. 92

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