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Samuell Fuller, Lt.
June 3, 1676

Plymouth Colony Wills 3:180

The Inventory of Samuell Fuller

[Top of the page torn off]

Item in [rest of line missing]

Item in 2 sheep [rest of line missinig]

Item in 2 steers [rest of line missinig]

Item in 4 yeerlings 4li in a horse 5 [rest of line missing]

Item in sheep and lambes 5li in woole [rest of line missining]

Item in a trundle bedsteed bed and [rest of line missing]

Item in a bed bolster b}ankett and Rugg [rest of line missing]

Item in [blank] parte of the house and [rest of line missing]

Item in his wearing Clothes 6li [rest of line missing]

Item in 2 hatts 10s in boots and [shoes] [rest of line miseining]

Item in sheete and pillow Coates 40s [rest of line missing]

Item in 3 brasse kettles 3 skilletts and a warming pan 2li [02 00 00]

Item in 2 Iron kettles and a pott 20s a frying pan 2s [02 02 00]

Item in pewter 20s spoones 3s a Lanthorne funnell and Grater 01 [.. ..]

Item in earthen thinges 2s 6d in boarells and tubbs 20s 01 [02 06]

Item in Chaires Chests and a box 00 [.2 ..]

Item in wheeles Cardes and a smoothing Iron 00 12 00

Item in pott hanger and slice and bellowes and 2 hammers 00 15 00

Item in meat 258 in Corne 3li 5s 04 10 00

Item in pistolls holeters and some other lumber 00 14 00

Item in Flax a siekle and sythes 18s sissers and Combe 12d 00 19 00

Item Cotton woole and yerne 10s 00 10 00

Item in sugar and spice 4s in nailes 10s in bookes 6s 01 00 00

Item in plowes and Irons 20s in yoakes Chaines chei[..] and pins 02 00 00

Item in Cart wheelee bowes and hoopes 54s 02 14 00

Item in howes and axes 00 19 00

Item Cotton woole and yearne 00 10 00

Item in Corne on the Ground 05 00 00

Item in wages due for the service hee did for the Country 07 00 00

Item in homade Cloth which the family hath needed to haue worne before now had it bine Got Reddy 4 10 00

Item in mony 6s 6d 00 06 06

Item besides in a Crow and other triviall thinge omitted 00 05 00

In a bed bolster bedsteed Rugg and a paire of blanketts 06 00 00


[Illegible] 276 07 00


Apprised by vs

Edward Peirse

Nathaniel Fitcherandall

Willam Throope

And besides sume triviall debts oweing to the estate and more due for his service to the Country which amounts to two pound 2e 4d And sundry debts due from the estate not yett Certainely knowne onely vpward of 13li due to be payed att Boston Mary the Relict of the said Leiftenant Fuller made oath to the truth of thls Inventory this third of Iune 1676

Before mee Thomas hinckley Assistant

Plymouth Colony Wills, vol. III, p. 180

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