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Thomas Savory
January 28, 1675/6

Plymouth Colony Wills 3:172


Ianuary the 28th 1675

An Inventory taken of the estate of Thomas Sauory Lately deceased att Plymouth as followeth; which was exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth aforsaid the seauenth of March Anno: domine: 1675 on the oath of An Sauory widdow;

li s d

Impr: his Great Coate and one suite of Aparrell 01 [0.] 00

Item 2 old suites of apparrel and alsoe linnins and Capps and bands and hatts one New and the other old shooes and stockens and one serge Coate 01 00 00

Item 2 short pikes and powder and shott 00 05 00

Item his house and land vpland and meddow, and orchyard and the vpland nine acrees lying att home and six acrees lying att Fishing point and three score acrees lying att 4 mile brooke and four acrees of meddow lying att the foure mile brook; 12 00 00

Item 1 brasse kettle att 01 00 00

Item 1 Great Iron pott 01 00 00

Item 3 platters and three basons 1 great one and one little one and 2 porrigers ... and one pint pott and one pint bottle and one sawser & a wine Cupp and a dram Cupp 1 00 00

Item Cotton woole and sheeps woole & basketts and Indian trayes; and 2 paire of pothookes and three smale hookes and one pott hanger

Item earthen ware plattters and potts and scuming things 2 Glasse bottles and four spoons 2 kniues 6 trenchers & 2 Iron wedges & 2 axes and one spade and 1 hoe & one bagg; and a Racke & an old hatchett and an old shouell 1 00 00

Item 1 bible and Psalme book & 3 other bookes and 2 halfe hogsheds and 3 washing tubbs and one paile and one Great spining wheel and two paire of Cards and two old Chaires & 1 skillet and 1 old Iron pott 1 00 00

Item 1 halfe hogshed 1 Chest 1 box & old Cases with other old lumber; 00 12 00

Samell dunham

Iohn Rickett

Iames Cole senir:

Plymouth Colony Wills, vol. III, p. 172.