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John Wood alias Attwood

May 29, 1673

Plymouth Colony Wills 3:76


The Inventory of John Wood Alias Attwood

A true Inventory of the estate of Iohn Wood allies Atwood of Middlebery Late deceased exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the fift of Iune 1673 on the oath of Ionathan Wood allies Atwood; May the 29th in the yeare 1673 an Inventory of the estate of Iohn Wood of Middlebery late deceased in the Towne of Middleberry as followeth

li s d

Impr: one oxe prised att 04 00 00

Item 1 horse 02 00 00

Item 1 Cow and Calfe att 03 10 00

Item 5 swine 02 10 00

Item 1 pott 00 08 00

Item Yarne thrad prised att 00 13 00

Item wooden ware 00 06 06

Item Cart and wheels 01 00 00

Item bed and beding 01 07 00

Item six or seauen Load of pyne 00 12 00

Item boots 00 08 00

Item stockens 00 04 00

Item wearing 01 10 00

Item in land one hundred acrees on which his house standeth

Item 25 acrees that lyeth in another place more land appertaining to the said wood twenty seauen acrees

debts due to Iohn Wood from Iohn Rayman forty shilling

More due from Iohn Andrews one hundred of bolts and one barrell of Tarr from Thomas West due to the said Wood the sume of forty shillings

more due from Ionathan Barnes two thousand and an halfe of square Marchantable Boards

more due from dauid Thomas four pounds to be payed in Tarr or Corne

more due from Iacob Michell 16 pound and a halfe of woole

more due from Indians six pound 16s 06

on the oath of Ionathan Wood Allies Awood taken in the Court as abouesaid

Plymouth Colony Wills, vol. III, p. 76

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