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George Hall, Last Will & Testament

[Editor's note: This is the first will from vol. I, 1670-1673, of our bound collection. Although it is dated 1669 it was exhibited to the court in March 1670, and does not appear in Simmons' published collection as it is from Plymouth Colony Wills Vol. 3.]


(The 29th of) October 16:

The Last Will and Testament of Gorge hall of Taunton deceased exhibited to the Court held att New Plymouth the first day of March 1669 on the oath of Richard Williams

In the Name of God Amen;

Gorge hall of Taunton in the Iurisdiction of New Plymouth being in health and memory (blessed be the Lord) doe heer make my last Will and Testament in manor and forme as followeth; I Comitt my speritt into the hands of the Lord and doe dispose of my goods as followeth; Item I giue to my wife during her widdow hood; The parte of my dwelling bouse; that parte which I built Last; and tbe Garden Ioyning to it; and halfe my new barne; and halfe the staule against the barne; Item I giue her that I bought of Benjamine Wilson lying between Richard Williams and that which was Nicbolas harts; which is eight acrees which Lyeth on the North syde of tbe great Riuer; Item I giue vnto my wife the Land that is called by the Name of Cobbs Neck and all the land That I brok vp in the Necke that Iohn hall hath; and one acree more (If shee want it); Item I giue her more att broad Coue a Carriage of hay: halfe in Samuells and halfe in Iosephs;(if shee doth want it) for her selfe; This is my wifes dureing her widdow hood; after to be disposed as followeth; and I make her my exequitrix) Item I giue vnto my son Iohn hall the Necke of Land Called by the Name of Ione Wyates bed; and the Land the house stands vpon; and the 4 acrees that Reacheth against Tabetts Land and the Necke Called by the Name of Cobbs necke and 76 acrees by the great Riuer; att the further syde of Thomas deans Land on the eastsyde To him and his heires for euer; Item I giue vnto my son Samuell hall my great Lott: viz: all my land there Lying from the great Riuer to Iames Leanards Land; the one syde is against hesekia hores Land; and the other syde against Mr Pooles Lands and twenty two acrees against the great Riuer on the west syde of Thomas deanes: Item I giue vnto my son Samuell my twenty acrees and the meddow belonging to it att the three mile Riuer Called Romford; and halfe my meddow att Broad Coue; Item I giue to my daughter Charity six pound; Item I giue vnto my sonne Ioseph hall my homlott which is eight acrees two acrees wherof I bought of William harvey and six acrees ouer the great Riuer; and I giue vnto him that which I bought of Benjamine Wilson which is eight acrees vpon the Northsyde of the great Riuer; The east syde against Richard Williams Item I giue him halfe my meddow att broad Coue.; Samuell is to parte it equally and Ioseph is to Choose the halfe hee will haue; and I giue him my Purchase and ten acrees from the towne of my deuision; Item I giue to my grandchildren to each of them forty shillings Item I giue to my daughter Sarah twenty pounds; and if shee doe not match to her Mothers mind shee is to haue but sixteen pounds; Item I giue to the Church in Taunton forty shillings to buy Cupps; Item I giue to William Euens twenty shillings Item I giue to my son Iohn My new Purchase; Item I giue to my daughter Mary forty shillings; Item I giue to my son Samuell six acrees of Land That is due to mee from the Towne and three acrees of swampe; Gorge hall;


Richard Williams

Walter deane;

Plymouth Colony Wills, vol. III, p. 16