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Thomas Dotey

of Plymouth

Wife: Mary

deceased: (will written 1678)

Estate value:


1667 General Court 2 July 1667 Records of Plymouth Colony 4:158

Dotey is accused by John Barnes of not paying him his due of 90 pounds of tobacco, and a debt of seven shillings for other goods. The Court orders Dotey to pay Barnes 100 pounds of tobacco. As for the seven shillings, John Holmes testifies that he paid Barnes 5 shillings for Dotey, and the Court says that the matter then should be over.

1671/1672 General Court 17 January 1671/1672 Records of Plymouth Colony 5:83

Mary Churchill confesses to the Court that she was impregnated by Thomas Dotey. She says she had "carnall coppulation" with Dotey three times, on July 15, on August 8, and in a "senight" after the August 8 incident, after which Dotey departed the government.

In reference to the August 8 incident, Ephraim Tinkham testified that he "haveing occation to speak with the said Thomas Dotey, went to the house of Joseph Churchill, expecting to meet with him there, and coming to the house, knocked att the dore; but noe body answared, and soe hee went in and stayed a while in the outward room; and by some noise that hee heard in the house, conceived there was sombody within, although they answared not; but att length Mary Churchill came forth, and he asked her if Thomas Dotey was in the house or noe; but shee did not reddily answare him, but after some pause shee answared that hee was in the house; soe hee desired to speake with him; and soon after, Thomas Dotey came forth, and soe the said Sarjeant Tinkham and hee went away together, and hee admonished the said Dotey to take heed least evill might come of such carriages, or to that purpose; and the said Mary Churchill, being examined affeirmed that the same time that the said Sarjeant Tinkham tooke them soe together as aforsaid, was one of the three times hee had carnall coppulation with her as abovesaid; and shee further examined, deneyed that shee ever had to doe with any other man." She then promises to show up in the June Court.

General Court 5 March 1671/1672 Records of Plymouth Colony 5:87-88

Josias Wormall complains to the Court that he has finished framing a house as agreed upon with Thomas Dotey. However, Dotey "being departed the govment" has not paid Wormall. The Court orders that Joseph Dotey, the agent for Thomas Dotey can pay Wormall and claim the house frame. He doesn't want to pay Wormall, so the Court allows him to sell the house frame, which he does, thereby resolving the dispute.

1672 General Court 5 June 1672 Records of Plymouth Colony 5:94

Mary Churchill is fined six pounds by the Court for committing fornication with Thomas Doten.

General Court 30 October 1672 Records of Plymouth Colony 8:173

Mary Churchill complains to the Court that since Doten got her pregnant, and has departed the government, that she needs support to raise the child from his estate. The jury awards her the following: one third of a boat Doten's owns with Leiutenant Morton and Thomas Howes; one third of the nets, roads, anchors, and sails pertaining to the boat; a gun in the custody of Ephraim Morton, a rapier at Gorge Morton's, 40 shillings for the hire of the boat due from Richard Willis, and parcel of boards in the custody of several people.

1673 General Court 29 October 1673 Records of Plymouth Colony 5:133

Edward Rickard and John Rickard make a complaint against Thomas Dotey "and his companie or boats crew" because Dotey's boat ran into "Grayes boat". Dotey is ordered to pay 25 shillings to pay for "the losse of an anchor and pte of a road which was lost by the said boates running one against another." The fine is to be paid to Gray and Rickard. Dotey, being the master of the boat, is to pay double a share of the 25 shillings, and the witnesses that witnessed the case were awarded seven shillings.

1679 22 July 1679 Records of Plymouth Colony 7:67

"Thomas, the son of Thomas Doten, was borne the 22cond of July, 1679.

Thomas Dotey of Plymouth: His Network of Relationships, 1667-1678

John Barnes -Barnes accusses Dotey of not paying him 90 pounds of tobacco and a 7 shilling debt. Court awards Barnes 100 pounds of tobacco, 2 July 1667.

Joseph Churchill -it was at Churchill's house where Mary Churchill and Dotey had sex on August 8, 1671, 17 Jan. 1671/1672.

Mary Churchill -tells the Court that she was impregnated by Dotey; had "carnal coppulation" with him at three different occasions, 17 Jan. 1671/2.

-fined 6 pounds for committing fornication with Dotey, 5 June 1672.

-complains to the Court that she needs financial help from Dotey to raise the child. Jury awards her part of his boat, and other goods, 30 October 1672.

Thomas Doten, Jr. -son of Thomas Doten born 22 July 1679.

Mr. Gray -part owner (?) of a boat with Edward and John Rickard that was rammed by Dotey's boat, 29 Oct. 1673.

Thomas Howes -owns part of a boat with Dotey and Leiutenant Morton, 30 Oct. 1672.

Leiutenant Morton -owns part of a boat with Dotey and Thomas Howes, 30 October 1672.

Ephraim Morton -was in possession of a gun belonging to Dotey, 30 Oct. 1672.

Gorge Morton -had a rapier of Dotey's, 30 Oct. 1672.

Edward Rickard -complains that Dotey's boat ran into his, 29 Oct. 1673.

John Rickard -complains that Dotey's boat ran into his, 29 Oct. 1673.

Ephraim Tinkham -testifies that he was at the house once when Dotey and Churchill were having sex, 17 Jan. 1671/1672.

Richard Willis -hired the boat owned by Dotey, Morton, and Howes for 40 shillings, 30 October 1672.

Josias Wormall -complains to the Court that Dotey did not pay him for framing a house, because Dotey has departed the government. Court allows Wormall to sell the house frame, 5 March 1671/1672.