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of Scituate and later Barnstable

Wife: Joan

deceased: ca. June 1669

Estate value: 57 pounds

1638/1639 General Court 1 February 1638-9 Records of Plymouth Colony 1:110

John Crocker, listed as an inhabitant of Scituate, take the oath of allegiance to the King and fidelity to the colony.

1639/1640 General Court 3 March 1639-1640 Records of Plymouth Colony 1:141

The Court orders that John Crocker's servant boy, Roger Glasse, is to be serve out the remainder of his indenture with John Whetcombe of Scitutate because Crocker is found to have "corrected" the boy "in the most extreame & barbarous manner." Whetcombe is to pay Crocker three pounds, minus five shillings for his charges, and Crocker is to immediately deliver Glasse's clothes to Whetcombe.

1643 August Pierce's Colonial Lists 1881:73

John Crocker is listed as a man between the ages of 16 and 60 who is eligible to serve military duty for Barnstable.

1646 General Court 10 December 1646 Records of Plymouth Colony 2:107

John Barnes agrees to stand in for Thomas Shaue (Shawe) of Barnstable "body for body" at an upcoming Court "till he hath answered all shuch maters as are aledged against him by John Crocker or others."

1646-7 General Court 2 March 1646-1647 Records of Plymouth Colony 2:112

John Crocker's complaint against Thomas Shawe is heard in Court. Shawe is convicted of breaking into Crocker's house on the Lord's day and stealing venison, beef, butter, cheese, bread, and tobacco worth 8 pounds. Shawe admitted to the crime. He was required to pay back the value of the stolen goods, to pay 13 shillings and 4 pence to the Court for the marshalls who attended him in court, and he was publically whipped at the post by the public officer.

John Crocker serves on a jury in the case of George Wright who has been propositioning local women. Wright is censured and basically put on "parole" for the time being.

1649 General Court 6 June 1649 Records of Plymouth Colony 2:141

In this Court John Crocker is allowed to keep an ordinary at Barnstable. In addition, he is one of six men who were propounded to take up their freedom.

Pierce's Colonial Lists 1881:21

John Crocker is listed as one of four men licensed to be inn keepers in Barnstable. Crocker is licensed on June 6, 1649.

1650 General Court 4 June 1650 Records of Plymouth Colony 2:154

John Crocker is admitted to the Court as a Freeman.

Records of Plymouth Colony 2:155

Crocker also serves on the Grand Inquest at this same Court.

General Court 2 October 1650 Records of Plymouth Colony 2:162;163

Crocker again serves on a Grand Inquest where several decisions are made, none of much interest.

1651 Deeds14 October 1651 Records of Plymouth Colony 12:215

John Barnes deeds some of his cattle to his children, a few of which are under the care of John Crocker of Barnstable.

1668 General Court 3 June 1668 Records of Plymouth Colony 4:181

Pierce's Colonial Lists 1881:17

John Crocker (Senior) is listed as the Surveyor of the Highways for Barnstable.

Given that this is the first time he is listed as John Crocker, Senior, it would appear that his nephew, John Crocker, has come of legal age by this time.

Wills and Inventories, Vol. 2:486

John Crocker, Sr. in his will attests to the fact that his wife's name is Jone Crocker. He bequeaths all his estate to Jone. Upon her death, he instructs the remains of his estate are to go to his brother William Crocker's sons--John, Job, Samuell, Josias, Eliezer, and Joseph. It would seem that John Crocker, Sr. and his wife Jone have no children.

1668/1669 Plymouth Colony Probate Guide:27

John Crocker, Sr. of Barnstable is listed. His wife's name in the will is Jone

1669 General Court 1 June 1669 Records of Plymouth Colony 5:21

Letters of administration is granted by the Court to Job Crocker to administer the estate of John Crocker, of Barnstable, lately deceased.

Index to Plymouth Colony Wills & Inventories:3

John Crocker, Senior of Barnstable is listed as having his inventory carried out on May 27, 1669.

1676 General Court 1 November 1676 Records of Plymouth Colony 5:213

Thomas Huckens, on the behalf of Job Crocker, appeared before the Court and cleared up to the Court's satisfaction the administration of John Crocker's estate, according to the bond. The Court ordered the bond cancelled.

John Crocker's Inventory, 4 June 1669

Wills and Inventories, Vol. 2:487

John Crocker's inventory is admitted to the Court on 4 June 1669.

4 Cowes and 1 yearling 12 10 00

a mare and Coalt 5 10 00

a horse 4 00 00

a sow and piggs 0 15 00

beds and beding 9 14 00

his wearing Clothes 4 00 00

in New Cloth 2 00 00

household stuffe of pewter brasse and Iron 8 08 00

in Corne 54s fflax 20s Cotton woole 3s 3 17 00

2 Chists one Trunke and 2 Chaires 1 04 00

a wheele Cards pailes and seives 0 13 00

in a Cheespresse shaires salt tubbs and Divers other lumber 3 05 00

Cask 0 06 02

a firkin of sope 1 00 00

These being vallued thuse 57 02 02

Inventory taken by William Crocker, Thomas Huckens, and John Tompson

John Crocker of Scituate and Barnstable: His Network of Relationships, 1638-1669

John Barnes -Barnes agree to stand in for Thomas Shaue (Shawe) for a complaint against him by John Crocker, 10 December 1646.

-Crocker keeps some of Barnes' cattle for him in 1650/1651.

Eliezer Crocker -Nephew of John Crocker, named in his will, 1668.

Jone Crocker. -Wife of John Crocker, mentioned only in his will. He bequeaths all his estate to Jone.

Job Crocker -Nephew of John Crocker, named in his will, 1668.

-Granted letters of administration on John Crocker's will, 1 June 1669.

John Crocker -Nephew of John Crocker, named in his will, 1668.

Joseph Crocker -Nephew of John Crocker, named in his will, 1668.

Josias Crocker -Nephew of John Crocker, named in his will, 1668.

Samuell Crocker -Nephew of John Crocker, named in his will, 1668.

William Crocker -The brother of John Crocker, named in his will that William's sons, John, Job, Samuell, Josias, Elieser, and Joseph are to divide John Crocker's estate when John's wife Jone Crocker dies.

-One of three men to inventory John Crocker's estate, 4 June 1669.

Roger Glasse -Servant boy taken from John Crocker for harsh treatment, 3 March 1638/1639.

Thomas Huckens -Appears in Court on behalf of Job Crocker to clear up the administration of John Crocker's will, 1 November 1676.

-One of three men to inventory John Crocker's estate, 4 June 1669.

Thomas Shawe -The man who breaks into John Crocker's house, steals 8 pounds worth of mostly food, and is convicted of the crime, 2 March 1646/1647.

John Tompson -One of three men to inventory John Crocker's estate, 4 June 1669.

John Whetcombe -The man whom Roger Glasse was indentured to after John Crocker's harsh treatment, 3 March 1638/1639.