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Vernacular House Forms
in Seventeenth Century Plymouth Colony



© 1998 Copyright and All Rights Reserved.
by James Deetz and Patricia Scott Deetz

1658 Ralph Partrig Two leanto Chambers
1666 Timothy Hatherley Leantoo Bedstead, bed and bolster
Spinning wheel, winnow sheet, Indian corn, chest, flax hempseed.
1669 John Woodfield Leantoo Cheese press and other wooden vessels.
1670 William Hedge Leantoo Spitt, frying pan, 8 traies, 1 sickle, hammer, morter and pestell, brass kettles, iron kettle, barrells and tubbs and cherns.
1670 William Lumpkin Leantoo Keelers, trayes, tubbs and other lumber.
1671 John Barnes Leanto Tobacco Pipes, staves and other lumber.
1675 Nathaniell Thomas Outer Roome chimney leanto Andirons, Tramells, brass and iron potts, kettles, belmettle, &c.
Pewter and tin, earthen wares, pailes, milke vessels
Beef, pork, butter.
1676 Jonathan Winslow Leanto Chamber, Leanto Celler No mention made of the leanto itself.
1676 Timothy Williamson Leanto 1 bed and other things.
1682 James Cudworth Leantow Lumber and Indian trayes.
1683 Sarah Howes Leantoo Pailes, traises, meal, siues, earthenware and lumber.
1684 Thomas Hatch Leantoo Two iron potts and lumber.
1685 Gyles Rickard, Sr. Leanto Old casks and tubbs. Other entries which follow and may also have been in the leanto:
2 earthen potts, a paile, one old glasse bottle and a chearn. A loome and harness, a warping box and barrs and shettles. A looking glass. 4 meale bags. A marking iron. A smoothing iron and other old iron.

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