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Transcription Notes

Tax data compiled and formatted by Claire Martin

The "Subdivision" column is frequently used as an extension of the "Lot" column. In the following example, John Kellum owns the south one-half of Lot 1 in Block 4. Solomon McWorter owns Lots 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 of Block 8.

Rec No. Page Name Assessed Owners SubDivision Lot Block Improved Lots
26 26 John Kellum S 1/2 1 4 $5.00
52 27 Solomon McWorter Lots 3,4,5,6,7& 8 8 $0.00

The "Name Assessed," "Owners," and "Subsequent Owners" columns often use "Same" or a ditto mark (") instead of repeating the previous name. To aid in name searches, we have written the name.

Columns which were unused by the assessor have been omitted. Columns indicating school district have been omitted, because all of New Philadelphia was consistently located in District 7. The titles of many columns have been shortened due to space considerations.

The "Comments" column contains notes made by the transcriber.

Researchers will note that the "improved" and "unimproved" status of lots is unreliable. The assessed values provide the best clue as to whether a lot was improved. Blocks 1 and 2, which remained unimproved throughout the history of the town, may be used for comparison to other lots.

The 1888 assessment uses the town lot form, but does not designate the town as "New Philadelphia." Like the rest of the township, it is labeled "Hadley." Notice that this assessment reflects the removal of Ansel Vond’s land from the town, signaling the official demise of New Philadelphia as a town.


Many thanks to Ms. Natalie Armistead for her tireless efforts in conducting historical and genealogical research concerning New Philadelphia and in locating these Hadley township tax records in a local archive.