Student Mentoring Program
The Historical Society Of Brooklyn Illinois has partnered with Brooklyn Schools, ITARP and the University of Illinois to
develop and implement our student mentoring program. Students who attend Brooklyn Schools (grades 8th through 12th)
are eligible to participate in the mentoring program.  A student must maintain a three point GPA, have demonstrated
leadership qualities, outstanding conduct and an interest in the heritage and history of Brooklyn, Illinois, and desire to
continue their education at a four year accredited university.

The Cemetery Restoration an Preservation Project began Jun 11, 2007.  Dawn Cobb of the Illinois Hisoric Preservation
Agency and Hal Hasen of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources traveled to Brooklyn, Illinois, to conduct a
cemetery workshop.  Students were instructed in the proper procedures to probe, excavate, clean and repair headstones.  
They will return this fall to continue working with professionals and volunteers from ITARP.  This project has helped our
students develop a sense of community pride and interest in the history of the people interned at our historic cemetery
which IHPA has recognized as one of the Oldest Free African American Cemeteries in Illinois.

Preliminary test were completed at locations within the town of Brooklyn that have been identified as the homestead sites
of our Founding Families. Joe Galloy and a team of archaeologist have determined that the site is intact.  Dr. Fennell of the
New Philadelphia Project, along with Dr. Tom Emerson and Joe Galloy have submitted a grant proposal to the National  
Science Foundation to fund a multi-year archaeological field school in Brooklyn.  If approved, they plan to begin
excavation in the summer of 2009.  They also hope to establish a program in which students from our mentoring program
can work side by side with archaeologist to recover artifacts and document students' findings.  This would be a rare
opportunity for our students and participants to witness history in the making.  They would witness firsthand the
remnants of our Founding Families' lives.

To join our student mentoring program, please contact Dr. Raelyn Parks at (618) 271-1014 and request the district office.